Tips to Avoid Moving Day Chaos


For most of us, moving can be a very frustrating and stressful time. We just want to get it done and move on with our lives or we find ourselves procrastinating on the many things that need to be done before moving day. Yet, the process can be made less overwhelming by simply coming up with a strategy and plan to tackle this seemingly impossible task.

Getting a head start and staying as organized as possible is one of the ways you can avoid moving day chaos. The following additional tips should help you get through moving day unscathed as recommended by MoveCorp Removals

  1. Take the time to plan the move. Avoid putting things off until the last minute. You can begin by making a list of all the items in your home or office and then taking the time to figure out which ones you will be taking with you and which ones you’ll be throwing away or giving away. This will help packing get easier and faster.
  2. Come up with a strategy for the day of the move. For example, how will you get to your new home or office? If the distance is not that great, your friends and family can help you with the move. If you’re moving across the country or internationally, you may want to hire a moving company to help with the transport.
  3. Get all the packing materials you’re going to need ahead of time. These can include boxes, bubble wrap, tape and even plastic bins. Determine how many you need based on the items you’ll be transporting. Getting these materials together ahead of time will help you avoid the last minute rush.
  4. Throw away some of the things you no longer need. Moving and the packing process, presents an opportunity to take a closer look at some of the items in your house and decide the ones you no longer need. Throwing away or giving away some of them will also reduce the time it takes to pack.
  5. Label all the boxes and plastic bins you’re using. This will make it easier to find all your items later.
  6. You may also want to find out your new neighborhood’s rules before moving day. You don’t want to get there only to find out that you have to pay to have access to the service lift.
  7. Pack essentials like snacks and toiletries separately and label them. You don’t want to lose these essential items on moving day.
  8. If you are going to use garbage bags to pack some of your clothes, ensure that you check and double-check so as not to accidentally leave your clothes behind, mistaking them for garbage. Adequate labeling should help here.
  9. Make sure you understand how utility bills will be transferred to you from the previous owner.
  10. Finally, inform your new neighbors that you’ll be moving in and the kind of vehicles you’ll be using. The last thing you need is a dispute with a neighbor on your first day.

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