Can Heavy Rain Damage Your Roof?

Heavy Rain Damage Your Roof

Floridians have seen heavy rains in the first few days before October. Even flood warnings have been issued and there has been a request to reduce water use in the Florida region. Facilities and sewers have been operating at capacity, despite the fact that there was more than 4 inches of rainfall in the last week and first few days of the month.

Is Rain a Problem for Your Roof?

Think about the amount of rainfall that has fallen on your roof over the past week when you look at your home. For example, take a 40ft x 60ft roof. A square foot of roof surface has 0.623 gallons of rainwater. Multiply this by the area of your roof, and you get 1495 gallons of rainwater that comes in contact with your roof.

We are now at 6,000 gallons of rainwater flowing down your roof and into your gutters, with some areas reaching 4 inches. If your roof isn’t properly maintained, this is a lot of water.

Yes, heavy rain can lead to leaks, stains and wood rot, mold, cracks.

Your roof design can make a big difference in how much water your home is exposed to during heavy rainfall. Poorly designed rooflines can lead to faster deterioration. Although this may not cause any damage, it can lead to water getting into your home.

How to Keep Water from Damaging My House

Long gutters that point away from the foundation of your house are a good way to divert this water. A rain barrel is a better option. When we get this much rain in our area, there are many other factors that could cause problems.

Gutters can also make a big difference in keeping your home dry. If gutters are not installed properly, water can build up around your foundation, which can cause moisture problems in your basement.

Call our roofing specialists if you have noticed rain damage on your roof. KCG trusted roofing experts are skilled in protecting your home from the elements.

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