Providing greener space to your property

Providing greener space to your property

Greenery around your commercial space gives a better look to your property.  It increases the relaxed atmosphere by decreasing the stress level of the person making them more relaxed and happy. This could result in more shopping for them and more profit to you if you have shopping complex in Ottawa.  If you have a multi unit residential glass terrarium property then you will get real appreciation of your tenants for providing them with greener space. If you are looking for landscaping of your commercial property then you can go for commercial landscaping company Ottawa.

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Benefits of commercial landscaping

  • If you are owner of a commercial property then you can go for the commercial landscaping Ottawa for landscaping of your property. It is found to produce cooler effect and turf grass is supposed to be 20% cooler than the soil itself. It not only reduces the stress level of the people who are around the grass turf but produces happier environment.
  • Turf grass removes carbon dioxide: They are said to be the biggest absorbers of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They are reported to absorb 6 tons of carbon dioxide in a year in one acre of the area. They further absorb dust, smoke particles and other pollutants.
  • Turf grass for preventing soil erosion: These could be idle solution to prevent soil erosion in a particular area. They are supposed to hold the soil firmly and do not allow the fertile layer of the land to erode.
  • Turf grass provides food for insects and birds: The turf grass not only holds the soil together but it provides shelter to many micro organism and small insects; which works as food for the birds and mammals. Thus, creating the food cycle which provides greener space in shape of shrubs and plants which are the natural habitat of the area.
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