The most efficient way to reduce your work and save time


Cooking may be an enjoyable activity and an art for some. However, there is no dearth of people who find it a boring and time consuming task. The more efficiently you do it, the better it will work out for you. But attaining and maintaining efficiency in any task is not an easy task. It requires a lot of effort, dedication, practice and the knowledge of certain tips, tricks and hacks. Let us check out some efficient ways to lessen your work and improve our productivity while cooking.


Ever heard about this concept? Batching refers to doing chores of a particular type all at once; in bulk. Like say, if you were to check your emails, allot a fixed time slot for it and address them only in that time slot rather than checking them every hour. The same applies to cooking. Instead of cooking all three meals separately, do it all at once. Or prepare a dish in enough quantities to last you for a couple of days. Use the grinder to grind coffee beans for you to last a month. The key lies in doing one task at a time and not intersperse it with another one. Trust us on this one; it would really increase your productivity.

Declutter your kitchen

Take time out to review all the stuff that lies in your kitchen. Chances are that you will find at least a couple of appliances or utensils that you hardly ever use. Well, it’s time you chuck them out! Also create dedicated sections for appliances, utensils, food items, etc. An uncluttered, organised kitchen is the key to increasing your efficiency. Not to forget it would free up a lot of space too!

Stock up on kitchen appliances 

Appliances simplify your life; simple as that. Try to reduce the manual aspect involved in cooking and leave as much as you can to the appliances. This would speed up the whole process and also free up time for you to focus on other stuff. Basic kitchen appliances like a coffee grinder, mixer grinder, responsive cooktops, power juicers, a cooking range, etc. are absolute ‘must-haves’.

Focus on priority chores

Don’t let other thoughts occupy your mind while you are busy making mashed potatoes. Keep your focus on the task at hand and prioritize it. Cooking may not be something that gets you charged with excitement, but you need to understand and accept that letting your mind drift away to other thoughts would only complicate the task for you and reduce both your productivity and efficiency.

Learn quick recipes

If you are short of time, you’d be well advised to leave out recipes that take some time preparing. Learn and apply recipes that are healthy and could be prepared within minutes. Make sure you try to perfect your cooking ‘techniques’ for these recipes. The results will gradually be evident.

Follow these tips, see what works best for you, stick to it and you’d do reasonably well!

Luke Hyland
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