White Stone For The Perfect Kitchen


White quartz is known as one of the most beautiful and sophisticated options for countertops for the kitchen. No matter how the kitchen is designed, when the white quartz is used appropriately, it increases the house’s elegance. Hence, for those who love to have luxurious interiors, having quartz countertops white in the kitchen is a must-have. Also, many shades and designs of White quartz are available online and at many US stores. Therefore, finding the perfect design won’t be difficult based on the interior.

Know Which Quartz to Buy?

So many types of Quartz stones are available in the market, but not all are good. Therefore, before buying it, notice a few important things about the quartz.

  • The Quartz stone has to be around 1 to 2 centimeters thick, and if it’s less than that, then the quartz is low in quality.
  • A good quality quartz should not be that glossy. The surface can be small, but the sides should be mostly mette. Excessive polishing is done to make it attractive without any reason.
  • Before purchasing the whole set of White Quartz, taking a single slab out of it for the trial is essential. And if the white quartz quickly gets stained and yellow because of food, it’s a cheap material.
  • Good quality Quartz is costly, so avoiding the cheap ones is better.
  • Also, before purchasing the quartz, look into the designs and veins; if it all looks the same, it won’t look well after installation.

What Kitchen Design Looks Perfect with White Quartz?

The cabinet and countertop of the kitchen can be of various designs; it can be in a L-shape, modular kitchen, U-shaped, or many others. In all of the countertop designs, White Quartz will look amazing.

But the cabinet and wall color must bring out the white quartz’s essence. Hence, the cabinets can be white, black, dark brown, dark blue, etc. And the wall colors should be lighter to make the space look bigger.

Advantages of Using White Quartz

Purchasing good quality quartz countertops for the kitchen has many benefits.

  • White quartz is a hardy stone, so heavy equipment or appliances won’t cause any damage.
  • It gives the kitchen a bright look
  • Easy to clean
  • white quartz is available in various shades and textures, so finding the best option won’t be that difficult.
  • Crayon marks can easily be cleaned.

Disadvantages of Using White Quartz

Understanding and purchasing a good quality white quartz is complex, so if anyone purchasing bad quality white quartz, then it can have many disadvantages, such as,

  • It can turn yellow after some use
  • Too much heat can damage the white quartz
  • For an outside kitchen, using white quartz isn’t a good option.
  • The excellent quality white quartz stones are way too expensive.


Those interested in purchasing quartz countertops for their kitchen should always buy them. But to purchase a good quality quartz, the person should have a proper idea about the stone. Or else the outcome of purchasing low-quality white quartz won’t be pleasant.

Amy Carr
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